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    We would appreciate your feedback on our survey!!

    Great pleasure in partecipating in the survey. Thank you. Best Regards,
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    Passed Level II. I cannot believe it!!! Thank you David and BT team.
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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (May 2014) Exam Feedback

    Hi, Option Pricing: I do not remember exactly question on pricing option with lognormal instead of implied volatility but I think that the answer was that you get lower prices for both equity and ccy option CVA running estimate: I calculated it as EE * spread. On the PD for two years I get 8%...
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    P2.T8.405. Style analysis and market timing

    Hi David, don' t worry, this time I'm wrong ! 405.1: now I get the correct interpretation for the market timing score. I was wrongly calculating the correct forcasts, because I took into account the overall underlying period of 14 years and not 7 years. In addition the question clearly states...
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    P2.T8.405. Style analysis and market timing

    Hi BT Team, in 405.1 : I do not understand if we have to compute the proportion of corrects forecasts of bear/bull markets over the seven or the fourteen years period. I was comuting P(1) and P(2) over the overall period and having differents observations: P(1) = 4/4 and P(2) = 7/10 score = P(1)...
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    Enter our weekly multiple choice trivia quiz and win prizes!!

    1. C 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. D thanks,
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    Weekly Trivia Contest - Week of March 31st - Win Prizes!!! (VaR hodgepodge)

    Hi David, I'm a little confused about question n° 5 Question: A risk manager is analyzing a 1-day 97.0% VaR model (an uncommon confidence level, you probably noticed). Assuming 250 days in a year, what is the maximum number of daily losses exceeding the 1-day 95% VaR that is acceptable in a...
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    2014 Part II Published Materials

    Hi, in Readings for Regulatory Reference 2014 we have also the following: Nadine Gatzert, Hannah Wesker, “A Comparative Assessment of Basel II/III and Solvency II,” Working Paper, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Version: October 2011.* It seems that this is an old (from...
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    Weekly Trivia Contest for week of March 24th! Enter to win!!

    1. B 2. A 3. C ("counterparty risk") 4. D 5. B thanks,
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    2014 Part II Published Materials

    Hi BT Team, concerning Credit Risk Management, GARP has assigned readings on the Gregory - new edition 2012, covering an important part of CR material: R45 > Jon Gregory, Counterparty Credit Risk and Credit Value Adjustment: A Continuing Challenge for Global Financial Markets, 2nd Edition •...
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    Results for May 2013 Exam Appear to Be Posted VERY Early

    I passed...thanks David and Suzanne, impossible without you!!!
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    Practice Question for Risk and Valuation Model -Book 4

    Hi Shyamli, If I'm not wrong, in the "Suggested" study planner we have already about 8 PQ pdf files related to most of T4 topics. Let me take this occasion to asking @David if for May 2013 exam we will have PQ on Tuckman new readings, specially chapters 5-6. Thank you,
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    P1.T4.PQ Measures of financial risk Dowd -ES

    Hi David, exactly I was working on PDF file. I apologize for submit you a question already existing, but I did not found path as in the pdf. In any case, I really appreciate your complementary explanation, for a better understanding of VaR's subadditivity violation. Thank you very much.
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    P1.T4.PQ Measures of financial risk Dowd -ES

    Hi David, Concerning PQ 29.1 VaR Coherent risk measure ,I do not understand the reasoning about Prob of zero default=[95%^3].Is alpha considered as the prob that the bond will not default? Given the PD bond, I'm tempted to measure the prob of no default as [1-PD]. Thank you very much four your...
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    2013 FRM Calendar (Updated 8/15/2013)

    Suzanne thanks for your promt response. I ask you just one more clarification: we have to collect all practice questions from prevoius years and "today quiz" or BT provide us with refreshed questions for topic T1, T2, T3 and T4 ? I mean, last week you published different docs with questions for...
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    2013 FRM Calendar (Updated 8/15/2013)

    Hi Suzanne/David, I have the following question about 2013 study planner: In order to reach a complete preparation on each topic and practice the maximum questions, optimizing the time remaining to the exam day, do you advice going through practice questions and videos published for previous...
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    P1.T3 Products-option strategy 12.11.6

    Hi David/Suzanne, regarding question 12.11.6 pag.133 - option stategy, with given data Kput=40 Kput=49 Kput=49 S=34 cash outflows=(1) I don’t get the same profit as in your answer. It seems that Kput used to calculate net profit in the answer is different from data provided in the question...