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    Video error Duffie

    Hi @Nicole Manley , The instructional video on Duffie doesn't seem to be playing (it freezes after 1 second), nor downloading. Could you have a look at what could be the problem? I never had any issues with any of the other videos (neither in P1, nor P2) Here it is...
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    High frequence trading and its impact on markets

    As there are no study notes from BT available on this reading (at date), i made a 1-page bullet-point summary myself. Please find it below, hope its useful for some of you. Distinguish between algorithmic trading and high frequency trading · Algorithmic trading = "algorithmic execution"...
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    Study notes Malz

    Hi @Nicole Manley @David Harper CFA FRM CIPM , I'm currently working through the P2 credit risk. The study notes relating to Malz seem to be incomplete: the website page mentions it is a 67 page document and so does the table of content of the document. However, the PDF document only contains...
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    Check your exam site in advance!

    Okay, so i know this has been said 10 times already, but still i'm going to stress it again: do check your exam site in advance! And since stories are always more powerful, allow me to share mine: I did it today, even though my exam site is barely 5km/10 minutes from the place i live. Yet, i've...
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    clarifying question P1.T3.175

    As i have insufficient rights to post in the original practice question thread (https://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/l1-t3-174-interest-rate-swap-mechanics.4577/), i have created a new thread here. I have a question regarding interest rate swap valuation. I understand the logic and am...
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    Hi David, I had a question when working through the chapters on hypothesis testing. When i take the study notes page 76, question 209.1 mentions a question where 9 companies on a random sample of 60 defaulted (15%). historical default rate is 10% and question probes to test if this is truly the...
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    On distributions

    Hi, To anyone with experience on the FRM part 1 exam: I am currently working through the Q.A section of FRM1 and had a practical question on distributions. I understand we are supposed to know the mean and stdev formulas (which are quite straightforward), but are we also supposed to know the...
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    Watch policy on the exam

    Not quite sure where to put this, so feel free to move to another place in the forum if required. Since i've read quite some dubious things about whether or not a watch is allowed on the exam, which type of watch and whether it is allowed on your table, i sent an inquiry to GARP. For reference...
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    classification gold/silver as investment vs consumption asset

    Hi David, After viewing the video and the study notes on Hull chapter 5, i'm still confused on how to treat gold and silver on the investment vs consumption asset classification. In the study notes it says (quote): Gold and silver (...) are both investment and consumption assets. It's...