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    Preparation for May 2013 Part 2 Exam

    Hi David, Suzanne, I want to commence studying for Part 2 as soon as possible and I'm currently planning my approach. I've downloaded the Study Guide, Exam Preparation Handbook and Exam Study Guide Changes from GARP and it appears there are quite a few changes in the Part 2 curriculum for...
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    Studying for Part 2 and Career Benefits of FRM Program

    Hi David, I’m back for the second and final round of the FRM exam. I wound up taking a significant amount of time off (2+ weeks) from work in preparation for Part 1 (May 2012) and have decided that I do not want to sacrifice any vacation time in 2013 for part 2. With that in mind, I’ll take...
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    Schweser Final Review Practice Exam

    I’ve reviewed all of the practice questions from GARP and the FRM Handbook as well as a large sample from Bionic Turtle and thought I was relatively comfortable with the exam material. I took the 2012 GARP practice exam yesterday and scored an 80, having made a few careless mistakes (e.g. using...
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    Relevance of BT Practice Question Pdfs for 2012 Part 1 Exam

    Hi David, I see the following Practice Question pdf's (and forum questions) for Quantitative Analysis: Questions 1 to 133: Gujarti (Chapters 1-8) Jorion (Chapter 12) Hull (Chapter 21) Rachev (Chapters 2-3) Latest Forum Questions: Questions 201-206 Are all of these practice questions...
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    Exam Preparation for Part 1

    Hi David, I signed up for Bionic Turtle back in 2008 but wasn’t able to study for the exam due to personal constraints. I’ve been thinking about working toward the FRM designation ever since then and have now decided to take the plunge (so while I’m technically not “new” to the site, I’m...