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    Job search with little experience

    Hey there @frm_risk, Thank you very much for your response. I will definitely try to broaden my network. I think you're right in the sense that I need to get my foot in the door somewhere. I'll try harassing the big banks here in Canada some more. Thank you.
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    Job search with little experience

    Hello forum, I'll be blunt, i'm coming here for advice as i'm not really sure what do to anymore. A little bit of story and background first. I'm 25 and I graduated back in April of 2013. My bachelor was in business administration but I prefer to say finance as that was my major. I'm not...
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    Results are out!!!

    Go there and see if you don't want to wait for the e-mail. http://www.garp.org/frm/exam-results/exam-results.aspx Mine is a pass for part 2. (1,1,2,3,3) Thank you Bionic Turtle!
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    Portfolio VaR with perfect correlation.

    Thank you so much David for the quick response!
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    Portfolio VaR with perfect correlation.

    Hello everyone, I need some help on understanding why perfect correlation makes a part of the equation for portfolio VaR disappear. I've tried the calculations and the answers come out the same but I don't understand why. How do we get from: VaRp = sqrt(VaR1^2+VaR2^2+2VaR1VaR2) to VaRp =...
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    A bit of suggestion to BT

    I would download the BionicTurtle app!
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    Key Concepts- FRM Level 2

    I don't want to sound mean or anything but why not just assume that everything is important and plan accordingly?
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    Replicating Portfolio

    I also have a hard time understanding page 6 of the tuckman reading for market risk. Where are the value for the replicating portfolio coming from? If anyone could explain that would be great! Edit: After searching a little i found this...
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    Is it worthwhile to pass the FRM before attempting the CFA?

    Hello there KS29, From my experience (passed cfa and frm level 1) I can say that the amount of overlap between CFA and FRM (at least for the first exam) is minimal. I'd say the only overlap comes from asset classes (fixed income, derivatives, etc) in which FRM goes much deeper than CFA. CFA on...
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    anyone here can help? top urgent

    As bad as this whole situation was, today I learned that Bionic Turtle has a facebook page! Sorry about that guy David, keep up the good work!
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    Passed level 1! I felt like the exam went horribly wrong but i got 1,3,1,2. Quantitative analysis kicked my butt but i still passed! Thank you BT :P
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    Question about calculus

    First of all, thank you David for your quick answer :P Second, Nicole, it's funny that you mention Calculus for dummies because right after creating my forum post I went ahead and bought exactly that book on Amazon! I understand that calculus is not mandatory to pass FRM but also that it's...
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    Question about calculus

    Hi david, I've been studying for about a month now and I am currently on the quantitative analysis part of the curriculum. I came across some calculus while reading your note but never really paid attention to it as it seems to be shown as a bonus rather than being mandatory. There seems to...