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    Tuckman - Short rates - Expected Retun & Risk Premium

    Hi, This morning, I came across a situation which I cannot logically solve (although I think this is really basic) The goal is to find the price and expected return over one year of a ZC bond with 3 years to maturity. The IR tree starts at 10% then move up to either 14% or 6% and then 18% /...
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    Meissner - Financial correlation modeling - Copulas

    Hi, I must admit I'm a bit struggling with the copula study.. Could anyone shed some light for me / correct my understanding. - The copula is useful as it allows to build a single multivariate distribution from several single variable distributions. - To do this, we map the values of the...
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    Comparability - Practice Exam / Actual Exam

    Good evening all, Thanks to the very useful ressources area on the BT website, I realized that a lot of questions are actually very similar from one practice exam to the next. The question I have is: Are these practice exams really representative of the actual exams? I just did the latest...