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    Job search with little experience

    Hello forum, I'll be blunt, i'm coming here for advice as i'm not really sure what do to anymore. A little bit of story and background first. I'm 25 and I graduated back in April of 2013. My bachelor was in business administration but I prefer to say finance as that was my major. I'm not...
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    Results are out!!!

    Go there and see if you don't want to wait for the e-mail. http://www.garp.org/frm/exam-results/exam-results.aspx Mine is a pass for part 2. (1,1,2,3,3) Thank you Bionic Turtle!
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    Portfolio VaR with perfect correlation.

    Hello everyone, I need some help on understanding why perfect correlation makes a part of the equation for portfolio VaR disappear. I've tried the calculations and the answers come out the same but I don't understand why. How do we get from: VaRp = sqrt(VaR1^2+VaR2^2+2VaR1VaR2) to VaRp =...
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    Question about calculus

    Hi david, I've been studying for about a month now and I am currently on the quantitative analysis part of the curriculum. I came across some calculus while reading your note but never really paid attention to it as it seems to be shown as a bonus rather than being mandatory. There seems to...