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    Correction and scanning on the exam

    I think I understand why GARP would want to forbid test-takers from bringing their own stationeries, mostly to avoid having cheat notes written or hidden on the pencils or erasers (e.g. eraser's paper wrapper), though I didn't think the proctors checked my calculator more closely...
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    Minimum passing scores

    I took the May 2019 Part II exam today (no, I'm not going to talk about the May 2019 exam in particular). Was wondering about the prediction of minimum passing score. By my calculation, I only scored ~60% (48 out of 80 problems). This is after taking into account answers which I am quite...
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    May 2019 exam schedule

    Hi guys, Could someone tell me the deferal deadline for May 2019? I might need to defer to Nov. For some reason the GARP website just won't load properly on my laptop here.