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    Thanks Team BT

    Dear David, I must thank you. I got to know about this course in May, started preparing in June Mid. Took your practice question set(L1) in September and must say that really sharpened the edges substantially. They were absolutely challenging and took the preparation quality to amazing level...
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    Exam Details

    Hi, Few queries: Is there a minimum (though not defined but empirical based on historical data) percentage of correct answers/marks that need to be scored to qualify the exam..? Does a candidate need to qualify each subject area or cumulative marks are counted..? Do these percentages of marks...
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    Exam Finer Details

    Hi, As we are approaching exams, just wanted some clarity/help on the following basic things to reconfirm: The exam...will it be through online access and answers, do they need to be attempted online or on physical OMR sheets..? What all help items would be provided by the centers i.e. what...
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    Practice questions

    Hi David, I could not find any practice questions on the following topics: Richard Grinold-Active Portfolio Management Eugene Fama and Kenneth French - CAPM Trust and Delegation Madoff: A riot of red flags Amir E khandani and Andrew Lo- Empirical Analysis of Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds & US...
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    Correlation in Senior and Subordinated Basket CDS

    Hi, In case of high default correlation, it is stated that Senior tranches become riskier and junior tranches become less riskier. I am not clear as to why junior tranches would become less risky, because the risk they carry would still be the same as in case of lower correlation and they would...