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    How can I convince my employer that we need an investment risk manager?

    First and foremost you guys are in great hands here at Bionic Turtle. I'm a Certified FRM and I used BT material exclusively. I'm attempting to convince the head of my firm that we need a dedicated investment risk manager (we have a group that deals with more operational/business related...
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    I want to purchase: do you accept American Express?

    I can expense exam prep, but my company cc is American Express. From the check out menu it appears you don't accept it. Is that true, and is there any work around? Thanks.
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    Questions in regards to BT products

    After conquering the CFA exams I figured I’d further help my career and bolster my knowledge by jumping into the FRM gauntlet (Part 1 in May). I was a bit disappointed with Schweser in regards to the prep for the CFA exams, but they got me through the tests without cracking open a CFA Institute...