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    2012 Practice P2.M2_1-20_v3_1112 Mock Exam B Q. 39.8.1

    I know it is getting a little late to ask these questions. However, I am confused about the formula for d1 vs d2. In the spreadsheet solution provide for Option pricing model to solve for value of debt & equity, the formula for d1 was given as below (bolded). Face value of debt $10.000 PV of...
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    2010 Practice Level II_1-20_v3_0824 GARP Prac Exam Q 19

    David, in the answer given in Q19.2 of the GARP Practice Exam Questions, it makes reference to the Variance of EDF being the square root of p*(1-p) and provides a link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernoulli_distribution. 19.2 Assume both credits (credit A & credit B) have the...