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    Question for David regarding ICBRR

    Hi David, I have passed FRM Part I and II and am waiting for the FRM certificate. Thank you so much for your helps. But I would like to continue to study for risk management and financial knowledge via an exam. Have you heard the International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation (ICBRR)...
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    Question 26.2 of Stowell chapers 11 &12.

    Hi David, Please see the question as below and help me understand the solution I can n't understand. 26.2. A fixed income arbitrate strategy manager takes two positions: she takes a short position in an interest rate swap (she is the floating-rate payer) with a notional of $10.0 million and a...
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    Need helps on Q35.6 in T6 notes.

    Hi David, I am a little confused by this question. And I think there is a similar question in Nov-2012 Part II exam.So I would like to know if you can explain in more details about the default correlation and risk of different tranches in a pool. Regards.
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    When the remained 2013 P2 FRM study notes will be updated?

    I have been checking the website recently and didn't find any new 2013 P2 FRM study notes posted. So far I only saw the Market Risk study notes on the website. Is anybody here knowing the calendar to publish the remained study notes? Thanks.
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    Please give some opinions on the FRM handbook.

    Hi All, I am reading the book for Part II exam now and almost finish two of them: operational risk, market risk. But still feel my schedule will be very tight. I heard that people is using handbook to prepare for the exam. Could any one give me some hints on the following resources: 1. FRM...
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    How can I finish three handbooks of P2 within 2.5 months?

    A little bit worried about that I cann't complete all the readings within 2.5 months. I guess I can only spend 15 to 20 hours per week on the study. I have passed P1 this May and have solid quant background and am working as a quant. Still I am afraid that I don't have enought time to prepare...
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    What will be the best strategy to prepare for L2 exam?

    Dear All, I have passed the L1 exam with Q3+Q2+Q1+Q1. I am wondering if any of you started to prepare for L2 already. Which package you bought from BT? What will you recommend on preparing for this exam? Thanks a lot.
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    Question of the hedge ratio for futures contracts.

    In the manual David preparted for markets and products part, on P27, 1. when Beta is 1.2, N*=32, it says that need to short 32 futures contracts. 2. Beta becomes Beta* and increases from 1.2 to 2, the optimal number of contracts is N=21.33, then long poistion on 21.33 futures contracts. I...
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    Strategy for my last two weeks preparation for Part 1.

    Hi David, As the exam is coming within 12 days. I would like to know if the following strategies are good or not. 1. I am working on all the practice questions after 2012 posted on your website. I am wondering if the 2012 practice questions are good enough to cover most of the exam contents...
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    How to preapare for formula sheet.

    Hi David, I almost completed the reading of 4 books for FRM part I distributed by GARP. But I feel like that I couldn't memorize any formula I have read in the books. I am wondering if your study notes include all the formulas required for the FRM exam. Or do you provide any formula sheet for...
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    How to grasp all CAPM related contents in foundation part?

    Hi David, I am studying the Chap 5---non standard forms of capital asset pricing models in the manual. I feel like it is so hard to understand it. When I went through these contents in your notes, I couldn't memorize all the details. could you please give me any tips on how to study and grasp...