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    Question for David regarding ICBRR

    Hi David, thank you for you information. I just found one more certificate, which is called CQF. Is this a well known and widely accepted certificate to pursue? It seems it covers lots of quantitative knowledge and looks very interesting. But I am not sure how hard it is and if it is valuable...
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    Question for David regarding ICBRR

    Hi David, I have passed FRM Part I and II and am waiting for the FRM certificate. Thank you so much for your helps. But I would like to continue to study for risk management and financial knowledge via an exam. Have you heard the International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation (ICBRR)...
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    I got an email about one hour ago telling me I passed the exam.
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    Panic Thread -- A Bit Early This Time...

    yep, just checked the results out and I passed the exam. Wish all of you good luck. :)
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    Panic Thread -- A Bit Early This Time...

    Thanks, ShaktiRathore. I am a little bit nervous too. Wish all of us good luck.
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    Missing Materials P2?

    Thanks, David, That will be nice to let us know this. Really appreciated it. I feel that my schedule is a little bit tight and would like to focus on the most testable part. one question is, will the BT review from Nov 2012 be helpful? Thanks a lot.
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    Question 26.2 of Stowell chapers 11 &12.

    Hi David, Please see the question as below and help me understand the solution I can n't understand. 26.2. A fixed income arbitrate strategy manager takes two positions: she takes a short position in an interest rate swap (she is the floating-rate payer) with a notional of $10.0 million and a...
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    Credit risk for 2013

    @David, Thanks for showing me the source of practice questions. One more thing is that I found there are lots of questions posted in prior years. Should I download all of these historical practice questions? Or you are going to post the questions related to all sections in 2013 P2 notes going...
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    Credit risk for 2013

    Mark W, thanks a lot for your frank suggestions. So your strategy will be focusing on the notes and practicing questions. Aslo you mark the part needs to be memorized and will focus on them right before the exam. I like this strategy too. Have you purchased other practice questions from other...
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    Credit risk for 2013

    Hi David, Thanks a lot for the information. I had the GARP textbook from Nov2012 sitting. I know there are lots of changes for credit risk section in this May exam. Should I order the new GARP textbook? Also I just bought the most basic BT notes. Where can I find more practice questions...
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    Need helps on Q35.6 in T6 notes.

    Hi David, I am a little confused by this question. And I think there is a similar question in Nov-2012 Part II exam.So I would like to know if you can explain in more details about the default correlation and risk of different tranches in a pool. Regards.
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    Credit risk for 2013

    Hi David, Thanks a lot for the updated T6 notes. It's my 2nd time to take Part II in this May. I am wondering if I can only focus the notes and do the practice questions as much as I can. Thanks.
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    When the remained 2013 P2 FRM study notes will be updated?

    I have been checking the website recently and didn't find any new 2013 P2 FRM study notes posted. So far I only saw the Market Risk study notes on the website. Is anybody here knowing the calendar to publish the remained study notes? Thanks.
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    Backtesting Var - practice question

    Hi David, I think I will have different solution than yours. Please see below if they are making sense to you. Here H0: the 99.9% VaR model is good with P=0.01. Let N=days exceeds the VaR, then N follows Bin(500,0.01), or (N+0.5) approximate to Normal distribution with mean=500*0.01 and std...
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    2013 FRM Calendar (Updated 8/15/2013)

    Hi David and & Suzzane, I have purchased the Part I and Part II material in 2011. But I have to re-take Part II in this May. I am wondering if I am able to get any discount if purchasing the Part II material this time. Thanks a lot.
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    2013 FRM topics and assigned readings are now published

    Hi David, If I already have the core readings from Nov-2012 Part II exam, is it necessary to buy the new core readings for May-2013 exam? Thanks a lot.
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    November 17, 2012 Exam Results released - January 2, 2013

    didn't pass. not doing good at marketing, credit risk and current issue.
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    November 17, 2012 Exam Results released - January 2, 2013

    cannot open the garp.com website.why?
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    November 17, 2012 Exam Results released - January 2, 2013

    Same here. Nervous..... Good luck to all of us.
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    How can I finish three handbooks of P2 within 2.5 months?

    thanks a lot for the response. I will try my best to cover as much as I can.