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    Exam logistics - minor details :)

    Hi david, apologizes first if this has been answered or it sounds stupid. Just wanted to cover all possible angles and put my mind at ease :) wanted to know small details such as: 1) will writing pads be provided for workings or you have to write on the question paper itself? 2) i have...
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    Floating-rate cash flows in an interest-rate swap

    Hi david, i was looking at the editgrid for this example, i still don't quite understand why do you use the 6 mth LIBOR of 5.5% where you used (0.5*5.5*notional+notional) instead of the 3 month LIBOR of 5.0% in calculating the FV of the floater?
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    Schweser FRM 2008 Practice Exams

    Hi, 1) i was just wondering if anyone has tried the schweser FRM practice exams and found them any useful? http://www.schweser.com/products/window.php?pid=44737 i'm thinking practice makes perfect...all that reading and viewing screencast without practice to re-enforce is not...