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    Mccaulay duration and the denominator k

    What is the denominator k in the Mccaulay duration formula? Also why does the the duration for zero-coupon and deep discount bonds with maturities greater than 20 years fall slightly with increase in maturity date? A last thing was that you said that reinvestment risk and interest rate risk go...
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    SAR aand security selection in downstreaming

    Is SAR Stock appreciation rate? What exactly is security selection in downstreaming? It is in the risk budgeting vs asset allocation section which is not even found in Schweser.
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    VaR Portfolio and individual VaR

    In the porfolio VaR formula we have sigma(P) But the cross term in the sigma(P) formula has wi wjrhosigma(i)sigma(j) without a 2 which is missing I think. Also it is know that VaR is not coherent and hence not subadditive then how come we can add component wise Var to get total VaR which...
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    prepayment and refinancing relation to predatory borrowing

    Actually the most common forms of predatory borrowing are not listed at the end of page 140. Also can you explain how prepayment and refinancing are related to predatory borowwing? what is the difference in the effect of voluntary prepayment rates and involuntary prepayemen: don't they both...
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    Type-1 error and Neyman Pearson

    In Neymon Pearson Type-1 error is kept constant and Type-2 error is minimized but the notes show other way round. Why is that? Type-2 error is false alarm according to Neyman I think.
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    critical core readings

    Has the list on critical core readings as promised by David come out. I bought that pack from GARP but I wanted to go over them according to David's recommendation.
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    career in risk management

    This is Vivek and I am doing my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech in the area of Signal Processing/Image Processing.In addition I will also be getting my second masters in Mathematics with two courses in quantitative finance. I was thinking of making a move to finance...