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    VaR Calculation

    Thank you all for your feedback.
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    VaR Calculation

    Hi @lushukai, I really appreciate your feedback. May it be possible to explain how do you select -5% for 95% and -15% for the 99% VaR ? I will follow your advice and focus more on qualitative question. Thank you again for your support.
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    VaR Calculation

    Hi @lushukai and All, I am wondering if you could help me to find the solution for the VaR calcution from the graph posted in the forum: https://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/...feedback-postponed-2020-exam.23675/post-86852. i.e., Thank you.
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    Chapter 10 Financial Forwards and Futures -- and GARP's practice exams

    Dear all, During my study I noted that you still use the old formula for pricing forward/future. Example for forward without any cah flows in Garp material they use S×(1+r)^t. Could you please advise me ? Thank you
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    FAQ Before Exam Getting Started With Your Purchased Materials

    Dear all, I am thinking about uprading my account from advanced to pro account because I would like to have access to Excel sheets. I would like to know if you have the oppotunity to update the Excel sheets with the new changes ? Thank you in advance
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    PLEASE READ: Publishing Process for 2020

    Hi All, Some chapitre in the book 3 and book 4 are not updated yet. Could you please advise about the date of their availability ? Thank you