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    2020 Exam Update from GARP (updated on a regular basis)

    Hi Nicole, concerning deferral, I had sent a mail to [email protected] on 13 September 2020 and followed up with them on 17 September 2020. I haven't received a response till date (I checked my Spam mail too). In fact, I planned to take the test in May 2020; however, the date was...
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    Problems in GARP's 2020 FRM material

    @David Harper CFA FRM Sorry for bringing it up again; I swear I went through the entire page but skimmed the last bit too quickly. And thanks for linking the detailed response. I'm still pretty new to the jargon, should take some more re-reads to get it down. I found the bit in GARP's book to...
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    Problems in GARP's 2020 FRM material

    FRM 1, Foundations, Chapter 2, Question No. 2.14: MGRM was exposed to a shift in the price curve from backwardation to contango, which meant that the program generated huge margin calls that became a severe and unexpected cash drain. A. True B. False As per Section 2.7 (What can go wrong in...
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    Part 1 May 2020 Whats app group (Not Active)

    Could someone please re-post the link? My number is: +91 7838569723
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    FRM Part - 1 : Study Group November 2019

    FRM 1 May 2020 +91 7838569723