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    L2.T5.43 Multi-period binomial interest rate tree (Tuckman)

    @David Harper CFA FRM Hi, Firstly I am posting this here because whenever I click on the links to threads in the study notes, I get the message "Oops, you do not have permission to access this thread. ". I am unsure what to do about that. Anyways, my question is in Page 25 of the study notes...
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    General query on probability of default.

    @David Harper CFA FRM I completed my FRM Part 1 on may 18th, and I am glad to inform you that I have faired well in the exam all thanks to your material and question sets. I was just reading the notes on Economic capital in banks, and I was wondering how the probability of default is...
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    Forward Rates Notation

    Hi David, I have a basic doubt with regard to the way forward rates are denoted. In various spreadsheets, when you write for example - the value 2% under Time column 1.0. Does that mean the six month forward rate that matures in one year is 2% ? As in, is it the six month rate from time period...