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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (May 2015) Exam Feedback

    The exam was fair in comparision with November 2014. Mostly qualitative questions. Only 5 problems required calculation. The thirst 3 or 4 questions required some hard thinking. The rest was done faster.
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    Exam Feedback 2014 Nov FRM Part 2 Exam Feedback

    Plz share your experience and feelings re today's exam. I found that there were many questions which could be easily cracked out of common sense ( read all answers and rule just out the obvious no-nos). Quantative questions were also rather simple formulas (CVaR, ARAROC, etc). My guess passing...
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    Decided to sort out BASEL III stuff, and put major point in one place (did not know exactly myself exact % for full capital requirement, what goes where, etc) *************** (some credit goes to excellent presentation from SUNGUARD "Basel III and Beyond- An Overview and Response to...
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    Sovereign Crisis Reading Summary Slide

    Tried to capture the main ideas of this good reading:
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    concept behind credit and operational var

    CVaR = UL - EL OpVaR =UL + EL The logic behind, deducting EL from CVaR is, I understand, because EL is projected by the bank as bad loans charge/ provision, and to avoid double counting for Basel capital charge (bad loans provision on P&L is effectively reduces Retained Earnings, and thus...
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    MF Global and London Whale Cases summary in one slide

    After reading two wonderfull recent cases of risk management failure at global financial institutions, decided to create a summary slide with major points for each case. Again slides are usefull only after initial reading. Enjoy and good luck to all of us next week.
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    BASEL II + Market Risk Amendments Summary

    I tried to create for myself a one page summary of BASEL II to capture all major ideas in one place, but I couldn't, managed to squeeze it to four slides, as the material is huge. I mainly copied images from BIONIC TURTLE study notes, so all copyright belongs to our beloved BT :) I decided to...
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    Credit Linked Notes (CLN)

    I can't get the whole concept of CLN. As I understood, CLN are securities issued primarily by SPE/SPV that pool some sort of cash stream generating assets (mortgage, loans, bonds, ABS, etc) from some reference name and promise to stream those cash flows to the investors, who would subscribe to...
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    A bit of suggestion to BT

    I have a suggestion for BT which may help you to help many to prepare for FRM exam. All of us have smartphones, tablets or other devices. Your notes, videos are really good, and helpful (esp videos, which btw help us to digest some of the really tough and difficult to digest reading part), you...
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    Thinking about purchasing Part II Advanced Package

    Hi, I passed Part I in Nov 2013, and only registered for Part II in Nov 2014 (had to postpone May sitting due to personal problems). I was thinking about purchasing your Part II Advanced Package, mainly due to high-quality instructional videos, samples of which I saw on youtube. As it is was...