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    Practice Exam 2016 - Q5

    Hi, Firstly apologies if there's already a thread on this, but couldn't see anyone after using the search function. My question related to Q5 of the 2016 practice exam: A risk analyst is valuing a 1-year credit default swap (CDS) contract that will pay the buyer 80% of the face value of a...
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    VaR Mapping - Diversified VaR

    Hi, I'm at a loss as to how diversified VaR is computed whe mapping linear derivatives. Undiviersified VaR is easy enough: sum(pv of cash flows x risk). On page 67 of the official materials it says pre and post multiply by the pv of cashflows to get diversified var. But I don't get what it...
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    Current Issues section

    Hi, I received my FRM II books the other day. For four of the five topics but not this one. But I understand this will be 10% of the exam. How do we prepare for this section? Will there be stuff coming out about it nearer the time? Is there a "syllabus" of some kind for it. Sorry if this has...