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    Exam Feedback November 2018 Part 2 Exam Feedback

    Thank you David and Nicole
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    GARP.FRM.PQ.P2 Surplus Value GARP 2015 Question 5 (garp15-p2-5)

    This question is around the Surplus loss quantile. The same question appears in the 2017 and 2018 past papers, but one uses z = 1.96 and the other z = 1.645 for the 95% confidence. Surely this is a one-tailed test? Or is it a mistake by GARP? Would appreciate any quick responses given the exam...
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    Practice Exam 2016 - Q5

    Please ignore, managed to find a couple of threads after searching a better tag and I don't want to waste anybody's time this close to the exam. Thanks
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    Practice Exam 2016 - Q5

    Hi, Firstly apologies if there's already a thread on this, but couldn't see anyone after using the search function. My question related to Q5 of the 2016 practice exam: A risk analyst is valuing a 1-year credit default swap (CDS) contract that will pay the buyer 80% of the face value of a...
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    GARP 2013 Practice Exam Question 11

    Hi I still don't understand the calc in the answer. Surely the worst case change in the value of the collateral should be compared with the worst case change in the value of the exposure (WITHOUT collateral) to show the former mitigates the latter. Or am I being stupid? Thanks
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    PQ-external Part 2 practice question on expected loss

    Ah amazing. So obvious now. And as always thank you for the quick and clear response David.
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    PQ-external Part 2 practice question on expected loss

    Hi David Stupid question, but how did you get the other probabilities in the matrix apart from the 0.1? Was it using Bayes' Theorem? If you would you mind doing the calc for just one of the entries? Thanks!
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    VaR Mapping - Diversified VaR

    Got it. Thanks David!
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    VaR Mapping - Diversified VaR

    Hi David Apologies for the late reply and thank you for your rwsponse. Thats really helpful. It's beginning tkcmake sense but there's one but that confuses me slightly still. Would S(t)corr matrixS not equal a scalar? It's a 1x3 matrix multiplied by a 3x3 matrix. This produced a 1x3 matrix...
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    VaR Mapping - Diversified VaR

    Hi, I'm at a loss as to how diversified VaR is computed whe mapping linear derivatives. Undiviersified VaR is easy enough: sum(pv of cash flows x risk). On page 67 of the official materials it says pre and post multiply by the pv of cashflows to get diversified var. But I don't get what it...
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    Whatsapp 2016 FRM Part 2 Group (Inactive)

    Please add me 07906344757
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    Current Issues section

    Hi, I received my FRM II books the other day. For four of the five topics but not this one. But I understand this will be 10% of the exam. How do we prepare for this section? Will there be stuff coming out about it nearer the time? Is there a "syllabus" of some kind for it. Sorry if this has...
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    Whatsapp FRM Part 2 Group-November 2018

    Please can you add me +447906344757
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    Whatsapp 2016 FRM Part 2 Group (Inactive)

    Same please +447906344757
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    FRM Part 2 May 2018

    Can you add me too please. +447906344757