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    Malz Structured Product Model (Final Cash flows)

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM , I'm seeing an issue with Malz reading on structured finance. When speaking of final cash flows it seems that he is using the Senior Redemption + Mezzanine interest to test of the senior tranche should be paid in full? Is this correct? For me it should be the 86M...
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    Lessons from academia - Can someone explain that Remark? (FRM part 2)

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM, Hi All, - hope you are doing well. I'm having a hard time understanding these 2 statements from the Lessons from academia chapter of the FRM (apologies if this is a double but i did not find the answer on the forum) 1. The highlighted blue statement says that...
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    Efficient Market Hypthesis meets Reddit

    I just read this article about Gamestop rally on FT (https://www.ft.com/content/ae1ecff4-9019-4a2a-97ea-55a3cd15c36a). While this is only an opinion piece, I really hope that the FRM adds this somewhere to it's curriculum.
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    Key Rate Shift Techniques Chapter 13 Testability?

    Hello all - sorry to be asking that question so late. I was wondering about Chapter 13 Testability. To be honest this is my biggest weakness... Especially this learning objective: From what I see , it has a low testability at least from the gist of the forum?