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    Defining Parameters

    Why is it that most parameters in equations of the study notes are not explicitly defined? It can make it difficult to understand the equations.
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    Download Problem

    When I click the link to download the pdf version of the notes, it just opens the same page I was on in a new tab. I was able to successfully download 3 readings, but then it stopepd working. Are the notes not out yet? Please advise. Thanks.
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    FRM Part 2

    Does Bionic Turtle have physical copies of the study material? Would you consider Part 2 to be more or less difficult than Part 1? Would you say more or less time is needed to study for Part 2 than Part 1? I am considering writing Part 2 in Nov 2015 but concerned I may have waited too long. It...
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    Expected Shortfall

    Hi, I am confused about expected shortfall. Does it apply equal weightings to all losses past a certain quantile? In the context of a normal distribution, will this bias the expected value towards the lower end of the tail? Thank you for any help!
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    BT Practice Questions only

    Is it possible to purchase only the BT practice questions? Thanks.