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    rating change

    if a company's financial situation is getting bad and the rating agency lower it's rating, will it's bond price increase? what about its stock price?
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    2011 sample exam q6

    I am not sure if anyone had the same question before. I cannot find the formula in the answer. It's regarding calculating covariance of two market using factor beta in different markets and covariance of the factors. It's not in chapter 16 of madden portfolio theory and investment analysis..
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    Video tutorial

    I found the BT channel on youtube, it is very nice and covers many FRM topics. How does it related to the Tier 2 package video tutorials?
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    Readings - should I plan to read everything

    I am sure somebody asked this before. Just register for Nov part one. I only have less than 3 month and I don't think I have time to read everything. But I am afraid I may miss something. Looking at AIM statement, each reading is assigned many points that may potentially test subject. I also...