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  1. Jagan.Ganti

    Must dividend yield be continuously compounded

    Hi David, In reference to the basic Forward/Future formula for dividend yield (i.e. F0 = S0 * e^((r-q)*T)), must the dividend yield be continuously compounded (CC) given that the risk free rate is in the CC form. This is in reference to the following questions from JC Hull: The risk free...
  2. Jagan.Ganti

    Function for computing continuously compounded yield on BA II Plus Pro

    Hi In reference to the following question from Hull - I'm wondering if there is a way of directly computing continuously compounded yield (CCY) using a TI BA II Plus Pro. "4.27 A five-year bond provides a coupon of 5% per annum payable semi-annually. Its price is 104. What is the bond's...
  3. Jagan.Ganti

    FRM Exam November 2021 in Sydney, Australia

    Hi Has anyone booked for FRM level 1 due in May-2021 from Sydney? I cant find any test centres in Sydney; only two in AUS one in MEL and one in Dandenong (outside of MEL). I wonder if GARP has pulled the pin on Sydney? Regards, Jagan