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  1. Thierry S

    Final Review exam question: total equity claim

    The cash flows in a 3-tiered securitization can be broken out into the inflows from collateral and the outflows to the investors. The terminal cash flows in the final year are the last interest payment plus principal and revovery of defaulted assets. Suppose the original loan pool included 50...
  2. Thierry S

    Job titles: risk analyst vs manager

    During working experience, I've seen different approaches to job titles. One employer has a Risk Control department and calls it's staff: risk analyst and senior risk analyst on the market risk side; and credit risk analyst, credit risk manager, senior credit risk manager on the credit risk...
  3. Thierry S

    GARP 2014 Practice Exam Part 1

    Hi David, I miserably failed when taking the Practice Exam 2014 (25 questions, download from GARP library) 12/25..... altough I scored above 70% when doing all BT Mock exams. Do the BT Mock exam need an update or do they really reflect the exam level? I might just had a bad day, but I am a bit...