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    Construct and apply an arbitrage argument to price a call option on a zero-coupon security using rep

    Hello, On page 8 of the formula sheet there is an example for the aim Construct and apply an arbitrage argument to price a call option on a zero-coupon security using replicating portfolios.. I was wondering if there is a .xls that I can access to see how all the numbers were derived? Thanks!
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    Expected cut off scores for part 2 2017 exam

    Hello, Anyone have any ideas of what the expected cut off score to pass the part 2 exam can be? A range would be great. Currently in my practice questions I am getting anywhere between 60% to 70% correct. Edit: as of 10PM EST time, the search functionality on bionic turtle does not seem to work.
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    Hello, a quick question is how do we know when to use absolute VaR vs relative VaR? The answer ended up using relative VaR because I supposed enough information was not given anyway. But any additional insight would be helpful. Also why was the lognormal VaR not used?
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    Personal Formula Sheets for part 2

    Hello, Just curious to see if anyone has posted a personal "formula sheet" on the forums? I tried searching but could not find much. If anyone is willing to post that would be awesome! Thanks, Dbansal
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    GARP official mock exams

    Hello, I'm sure GARP has released some mock exams for the 2017 exams. Would anyone know where the best place to get those would be? Do they typically distribute multiple mock exams or singular? Thanks, Darshan
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    what is a z table

    Hi. I bumped into this gem and found it to be very clarifying. However I wanted to make sure there was no mistake here. https://www.bionicturtle.com/what-is-a-z-table/ On the left hand graph (the distributions) shouldn't the title read Pr(z<=1.35) = 91.15? The graph on right probably needs...
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    FAQ Before Exam Newbie questions

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and to bionic turtle in general. I have a few questions: 1) Has the material for November Level 2 been updated on BT? 2) What is the best way to approach the exam through this material? Is it to sequentially go through the material in the study planner? The...