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    Hull C.4 spreadsheets missing

    Hello, I'm missing C.4 spreadsheets.
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    Hull RMFI EOC Q&A - Question 3.17

    Hello David, i have a question regarding Q 3.17 page 38. ''The probability that losses will be greater than $200 million is the probability that a normally distributed variable is greater than one standard deviation above the mean. This is 0.1587.'' where did we come up with 0.1587? Edited by...
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    course not completed

    Hello, i've done all steps for Topic 1, the whole course progress doesn't display ''completed'' on the progress bar it shows 53 out of 54 steps completed!!! there is nothing left to be completed!!
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    Amenc, Chapter 4: Applying CAPM to Performance Measurement

    where can i find the excel sheet for slide 32 in the video, it will be really helpful.
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    P1-T2-Ch.7 Miller - Slide 22

    Hello David How did we come up with the Region of rejections? (302.1 & 212.7)? is it given ? as the table doesn't go that far.
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    T2-Miller- Ch7 - Slide 15

    Hello David 1- I noticed in slide 15 when using the C.I. approach you used the two sided value while it should be one side as H0 < or = 0. (and used one sided in the sig. approach) 2- How do we came up with the P value?