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    materials related commodity future&options

    Hello, The CME has some online courses (see here). Peter
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    Market Making - Order Book

    Hello everybody, While we are waiting for the exam results, I am looking for info on market making, inventory risk, market maker order book strategies etc. Some of the topics have been discussed briefly in David´s materials but I would be glad if somebody could point me to a more comprehensive...
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    FRM Part-1 Qualified

    Hi, I cleared part I now and would like to use it on my resume. I cannot find the mentioned FAQ or policies regarding this. Can anybody confirm their current policy? Kind regards, Peter
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    November 2018 Part 1 Exam Feedback

    Oh my god, I passed with 1,4,1,1 which perfectly correlates with my preparation time :) Thanks to BT for the excellent materials and congratulations to everybody who passed :) I started to prepare in mid August 2018 and spent app. 160h studying but only 2h on Quant :D Given the limited amount...
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    Errors Found in Study Materials P1.T3. Financial Markets & Products

    Hello, I hope this is in the right section: Anthony Saunders and Marcia Millon Cornett, Financial Institutions Management: A Risk Management Approach The part with Hull, Chapter 3 End of Chapter Questions & Answers Question 13.10, page 28 Exchange rate given as Brazilian real 0.5/$1...