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    GARP practice questions vs. BT practice questions

    Hi guys, Two fold question: a) I am doing mock exams that you can download from GARP website and I have a question. How close are those questions to real exam? Because some of the questions on mock exam are really easy. (comparing to Bionic Turtle :) ) b) On the exam do they give you some...
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    Greeks are killing me

    Just wanted to say that Greeks are killing me. :( Position gamma, delta, theta are soooo confusing, its crazy. grrrr. Just want to cry.
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    Hi David, Apologies if this question is non-sensible or has been asked already (please tag a link if this question has been asked) but I just started preparing for an exam and I have one question so I know what to expect when I am learning it. Integration and calculus sort of questions as far as...