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    Im currently a student pursuing a finance degree and have to complete a project on Exotic Options. I have chosen to do Asian Options, but have noticed there is a lack of resources and information on this topic. I have watched the videos on Asian Options, which I found to be very helpful, but I'm...
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    Pricing Asian put option

    Hi Team BT, I was wondering anyone could help me with answering this question, its not been taught in my course yet and we have been sent off to understand it ourselves using our own methods, I keep coming up short so figured id reach out to the greater community here. Here is the question i...
  3. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T3.731. Lookback and Asian (exotic) options (Hull Chapter 26 cont.)

    Learning objectives: Identify and describe the characteristics and pay-off structure of the following exotic options: gap, forward start, compound, chooser, barrier, binary, lookback, shout, Asian, exchange, rainbow, and basket Questions: 731.1. Consider the price of an asset that begins and...