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  1. D

    Expected cut off scores for part 2 2017 exam

    Hello, Anyone have any ideas of what the expected cut off score to pass the part 2 exam can be? A range would be great. Currently in my practice questions I am getting anywhere between 60% to 70% correct. Edit: as of 10PM EST time, the search functionality on bionic turtle does not seem to work.
  2. David Harper CFA FRM

    FAQ Before Exam What is the pass rate for the FRM?

    On January 6th, 2017 GARP posted the pass rates for the November 2016 exam: The November 2016 Part 1 (P1) pass rate was 44.8% and The updated long-term average P1 pass rate is 46.8% The November 2016 Part 2 (P2) pass rate was 54.3%. The updated long-term average P2 rate is 56.8% which is...