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  1. Nicole Seaman

    P2.T7.20.14. Range of cyber-resilience practices among banks and regulators

    Learning objectives: Define cyber-resilience and compare recent regulatory initiatives in the area of cyber-resilience. Describe current practices by banks and supervisors in the governance of a cyber risk management framework, including roles and responsibilities. Explain methods for...
  2. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T1.20.16 Learning from financial disasters (third of three)

    Learning objectives: Analyze the key factors that led to and derive the lessons learned from case studies involving the following risk factors: Reputational risk, including the Volkswagen case; Corporate governance, including the Enron case; Cyber risk, including the SWIFT case. Questions...
  3. Nicole Seaman

    P2.T9.901. Cyber Risk, Market Failures, and Financial Stability (Part 2 of 2)

    Learning objectives: Evaluate the appropriateness of current regulatory frameworks and supervisory approaches to the reduction of systemic risk. Evaluate measures that can help increase resiliency to cyber risk. Questions: 901.1. In their paper Cyber Risk, Market Failures, and Financial...