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forward rates

  1. F

    Interpretation of Yield-To-Maturity

    Hi, I have a question on the assumptions behind Yield-To-Maturity. I have read the Yield-To-Maturity (YTM) chapter on the Tuckman (chapter 3 on my edition) that explains why YTM is a measure of the realized return to maturity of a bond. My understanding of the explanation is as follow: If...
  2. Rohit


    Hi, Trying to understand how to value swap using FRA. In the notes we first calculate continuous fwd rate using the hull equation then convert to semi-annual fwd rate (continuous to discrete formula). Why do we do this? Also, if anyone can explain to me in clear and simple words the different...
  3. P

    Forward rates

    hi, if question does not specify the discrete or cc for forward rates related question. is it safe to assume cc? or most of the questions specify if calculation method is discrete or cc? can someone pls through some light on this? cheers puneet
  4. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T4.415. Spot and forward rates

    Concept: These on-line quiz questions are not specifically linked to AIMs, but are instead based on recent sample questions. The difficulty level is a notch, or two notches, easier than bionicturtle.com's typical AIM-by-AIM question such that the intended difficulty level is nearer to an actual...
  5. David Harper CFA FRM

    Shortcut to forward rates (if you have bond prices)

    Friday I wrote five forward rate questions, the first one I based on an actual prior exam question. Adzi asked me, in the question thread, to source the approach. I don't think the approach is explicitly found in any of the assignments (to my knowledge). I thought it might be helpful to...