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  1. J

    FAQ Before Exam Are GARP books worth using to study for L2? (in conjunction with BT)

    Hi, this question is directed more to those having passed the L2, and @Nicole Seaman I apologize if there is a thread already for this, but what do GARP's L2 books contain (i.e. are the books simply a compilation of all the related readings drawn from the various reference resources?) and were...
  2. M

    GARP Books, 2017 Edition - No Practice Questions?

    The description for the 2017 GARP FRM Part 2 exam books states, "Each book contains sample questions to help candidates better prepare." However, I do not see any practice questions in the back of the books. I find this strange as my books for level 1 had practice questions in the back. Does...
  3. eszaknyugat

    GARP Ebook

    Hi All, Is there any experience about GARP E-books? The only infomation on website is that the files are not printable. Are these files MOBIs or other? Can the files be converted to pdf? Thanks a lot! eszaknyugat
  4. M

    Purchase GARP readings

    I have all the Kaplan books for Part 1 as well access to the Bionic Turtle materials. Do I need to also purchase the GARP readings? Some of the books I own, but a few I do not have and I would rather not buy. I can try to find them from friends or in the library, but it is unlikely I will...
  5. Suzanne Evans

    FAQ Before Exam Do I need the handbook and readings?

    With respect to handbook and readings, we don’t believe (i.e., we have not found) there is a single good answer for everyone. That’s because it is firstly a function of the individual. Some of our customers have passed without using EITHER. But we don’t like to recommend this as a default...