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  1. David Harper CFA FRM

    Practice Part 2 (P2) 2017 Part 2 Practice Exam 3rd version

    GARP's 2017 Practice Exam (3rd version)
  2. David Harper CFA FRM

    Practice Part 1 (P1) 2017 Part 1 Practice Exam 2017-10-01

    GARP's 2017 Part 1 Practice Exam
  3. Nicole Seaman

    GARP's 2017 FRM Information Session + QA

    Yesterday I attended GARP's FRM Information Session + QA webcast, which provides candidates with very helpful information about the FRM exam. I took notes during the information session, and wanted to post those notes here in case they might be helpful :)You can also view the on-demand webcast...
  4. M

    Operational Risk - Optional Reading

    Hi, In the 2016 Learning objectives it lists Optional Regulatory Readings for Reference Candidates are expected to understand the objective and general structure of important international regulatory frameworks and general application of the various approaches for calculating minimum capital...
  5. J

    GARP courses (Foundations; Risk and Regulation)

    Hi All, Have you been aware that GARP offers two financial courses? Foundations: Level 1 http://www.garp.org/#!/courses/foundations-of-financial-risk and Risk and Regulation: Level 2 http://www.garp.org/#!/courses/financial-risk-and-regulation Do you have any experience regarding these...
  6. Nicole Seaman

    GARP Testing Policies and Procedures

    These are the GARP testing policies and procedures. Just thought I would post them to make it easier for all of you :) ACCEPTABLE FORM OF GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION Your current identification must exactly match the name under which you are registering for the Exam. Only a current, not expired...