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  1. A

    FAQ Before Exam Can I purchase only the practice questions?

    hI guys- is there a package for just practice questions?
  2. Nicole Seaman

    Important Please Read: Publishing Process for 2017

    The 2017 GARP curriculum has been released! We have received questions about when the 2017 materials will be available. We will begin to publish the new materials this month, and we will continue to publish materials throughout the exam period (January through November). This means that the...
  3. T

    FAQ Before Exam Mapping the study planner to GARP materials

    This might have been covered somewhere but I haven't been able to find it. Is there a mapping between GARP materials and the study planner. i.e. Besides searching the study planner how can I locate the exact materials in the study planner pertaining to Chapter 17 in the Financial Products GARP...
  4. B

    FAQ Before Exam Can all of the materials in the study planner be downloaded at once?

    Hi, I just purchased the FRM Part-1 materials today only and went to the Study planner. Can't we download the entire FRM Part-1 materials together ? or I need to download one by one for each topic?
  5. T

    FAQ Before Exam Format of the study materials provided

    Hi David, Are the study notes only in PDF format or is BT also providing print-out ones as well (similar to Schweser)?
  6. Suzanne Evans

    FAQ Before Exam I would like to buy only a portion of the contents. Can I purchase them separately?

    We do not currently offer any of our products for purchase outside of a study package. Our study packages are divided into the following packages, which you can view and purchase HERE: Basic package: Study notes Question sets Mock exams Full forum access Advanced package: Study notes...
  7. Suzanne Evans

    FAQ Before Exam Do you need an internet connection?

    Yes, a high-speed internet connection is desirable. All of our materials are able to be downloaded and saved or printed for offline viewing, however, in order to initially access them, you will need an internet connection. No printed materials will be shipped.