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  1. A

    Quant Analysis - Basics

    Starting out on P1.T2, I notice that these threads are relatively old with regards to questions and answers for questions 300.1/2/3 etc. As i say, I've just started T2; I understand the concepts however as I'm working through the maths I'm struggling to piece together the relevance in the notes...
  2. hellohi


    dear @David Harper CFA FRM My dear colleagues, from my experence, to master David's practice questions, some times you should to have good knowldge and skills in algebra. in your opinion, how much you should to be excelent in algebra to master FRM part 1? thanks Nabil
  3. Nicole Seaman

    FAQ Before Exam Resources for refreshing math skills

    Here is an updated list of resources that we have compiled to help those who need some help learning the basic math concepts for the FRM exam and for those who just need a refresher :) Please feel free to add any other resources that you have found helpful!! General (covers all areas) Carol...
  4. J

    Supplementary / Beginner Maths Book for FRM

    Hi there, I would like to know if there are any supplementary or beginner's guide to refresh maths for someone who hasnt been studying for 2 yrs before diving into the FRM materials. For instance, the logarithms, differentiation etc. Are there any good books without professor language so i...
  5. brunnim

    FAQ Before Exam FRM exam and study summary

    Overview and Caveats While the FRM exams are still fresh in my mind I wanted to put some words together which summarizes my experience and hopefully provides some color to future candidates. Each candidate will study and experience the program in a different way, so this is by no means an...
  6. M

    Can't follow the math in FRM Handbook!! Am I doomed?

    I will be taking the FRM exam for Nov 2010 part 1. I purchased the FRM Handbook (Jorion) and started reading the first chapter on Quantitative Analysis this week. I was only able to get up to page 7 before being lost in the math. I have no CFA background and haven't used complex math since...
  7. B

    The Humongous book of Calculus Problems

    David, In our last communication you recommended the above book. I have bought this book for foundation purposes. However, this book is quite lenghty. Will you be able to do me a big favor by guiding me that what chapters should i read? Furthermore, if you think i need to go to through any...