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  1. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T2.20.7. Common univariate random variables (student's t, F-distribution, mixture)

    Distinguish the key properties and identify the common occurrences of the following distributions: Student’s t and F-distributions ... Describe a mixture distribution and explain the creation and characteristics of mixture distributions. Questions: 20.7.1. Let X = µ + σ*T be the generalized...
  2. FlorenceCC

    Miller Chapt. 4 - End of chapter question12

    Hi, I am working on Chapt.4 end of chapter Q&A (which I now understand are not written by David! :)). I am slightly confused by the second portion of Q12 (p96 of study notes) -"what are the mean and standard deviation of a portfolio where the return is a 50/50 mixture distribution of A and B"...