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    FAQ Before Exam Readings for Regulatory Reference in Operational Risk

    Hi Nicole and David, Hope you are all well. Could you confirm that the following readings are actually out of scope of the learning objectives? I.e., we are not expected to know this in detail? Basel II: International Convergence Basel III: A Global Regulatory Framework Basel III: The...
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    Operational Risk - Optional Reading

    Hi, In the 2016 Learning objectives it lists Optional Regulatory Readings for Reference Candidates are expected to understand the objective and general structure of important international regulatory frameworks and general application of the various approaches for calculating minimum capital...
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    BASEL optional readings

    Hello everyone , for BASEL, GARP has specified two types of readings: compulsary optional what is the purpose of optional readings? are they not going to be tested? are they only for knowledge purpose?What is your strategy to deal with this.? Please advice. Thanks, Kavita
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    Basel optional readings

    Hi I referred to the study plan 2015 to find that Basel readings at the end of Operational Risk Management section have been made optional by GARP this year. It seems these readings have been a part of the syllabus for some time now, only to be made optional this year. 1. Basel II...