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  1. M

    Study notes and end of chapter questions

    Hi all, Seeking guidance/clarification on something. I'm quite new and have been following the study planner (advanced package). As I've completed the study notes for Topic 1: Fundamentals of Probability, I decided to attempt the end of chapter questions (part of topic 1 study notes) as well...
  2. N

    FAQ Before Exam Number of practice questions

    Hello everyone, I have finished studying the material and want to make a plan on how many questions to tackle per day in order to finish all question sets of Bionic Turtle by end October. However for that I would need to know the total number of questions in the BT Question sets. Can somebody...
  3. G

    FAQ Before Exam Practice Question Naming Convention

    I will soon start attempting to answer as many questions as possible in preparation for the exam in November. I have a few sources of questions from which to draw from, however when it comes to the BT practice questions can you shed some light on the naming conventions that have been used. For...
  4. FlorenceCC

    FAQ Before Exam Understanding the questions organization

    Hi @Nicole Seaman, I have been trying to confirm/complete my understanding of the BT website / study materials as far as questions are concerned, as I want to make sure I am using it fully and effectively. I am just trying to recap everything based on the information Let's use the Quantitative...
  5. A

    Quant Analysis - Basics

    Starting out on P1.T2, I notice that these threads are relatively old with regards to questions and answers for questions 300.1/2/3 etc. As i say, I've just started T2; I understand the concepts however as I'm working through the maths I'm struggling to piece together the relevance in the notes...
  6. B

    FAQ Before Exam Suggestion for future practice question PDFs

    Hi, I would like to make a suggestion for future practice question PDFs - is it possible to include the question stem and answer choices int he answer explanations? It is a PITA to scroll back and forth especially on a mobile device. The GARP practice exam PDFs already follow this format...