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quantitaive analysis

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    Seasonal differencing from Chapter 11

    Statement as per the book official GARP book (chapter 11, seasonal differencing): How is this equation MA(1)? Isnt this an MA(4) with theta=-1? And how is this covariance stationary? The characteristic equation is 1+z^4 with complex root of abs value of unity.
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    GARP Reading Chapter 8 - Page 126/127

    Not sure if i am missing something, but this seems to be contradictory. 1. Towards the end of page 126: "Adding a new variable to the model always increases the R2." 2. In the 2nd column on page 127: "As explained previously, adding an additional explanatory variable usually decreases R2 and...
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    FRM Part 1 Examination preparation tips

    This thread has been created to provide information and tips about FRM part 1 examination preparation to the present and future candidates .I seek participation and feedback from the registered candidates for Part 1 examination, successful candidates of part 1 examination from the past and...