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  1. Nicole Seaman

    CFA Level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA ®): Sampling and Estimation

    In this video, I'm looking forward to sharing highlights with you from the CFA section, sampling and estimation. Sampling and estimation in statistics are theoretically essential and foundational, but in actual practice, it's very important. This is the practice of using samples to draw...
  2. Nicole Seaman

    CFA Level 1 CFA: Statistical concepts and Quantiles

    Statistics is broadly either descriptive (aka, exploratory data analysis, EDA) or inferential (e.g., making predictions or forecasts). There is generally only one defined population and descriptive measures of the population are called parameters (and denoted with Greek symbols; e.g., mu, µ, for...
  3. T

    Continuous compounding - Miller - Mathematics and Statistics

    I have a question here. in Miller's book page 17 - problems..Question 2: Nominal monthly rate 5% - calculate equivalent in continuous. The answer given is 4.99%. Question: When nominal rate is 5% compounding has to be more than 5%. My calculation using the 'e' function in BA II plus gives...
  4. Nourhaine

    How to get the serie of exceedances (Extreme Value Theory/Pot method)

    Dear members, I am working on EVT, using the POT method, I got the various parameters (shape, scale, threshold and the number of excedances) I need to identify the serie of excedances. POT provided only the number of observations that exceed the threshold u (In this example, I have 298...
  5. Dr. Jayanthi Sankaran

    Miller Chapter 3: Basic Statistics - Study Notes

    Hi Brian: I think I am missing something in David's notes on page 27: On the very basic variance formula: E[(Y - mu)^2] = E(Y^2) - [E(Y)]^2, if probability of loan default (PD) = p, then Variance of PD is E[PD^2] - (E[PD])^2, As E[PD^2] = p and E[PD] = p, E[PD^2] - (E[PD])^2 = p - p^2 =...
  6. Nicole Seaman

    FAQ Before Exam Resources for refreshing math skills

    Here is an updated list of resources that we have compiled to help those who need some help learning the basic math concepts for the FRM exam and for those who just need a refresher :) Please feel free to add any other resources that you have found helpful!! General (covers all areas) Carol...
  7. J

    Supplementary / Beginner Maths Book for FRM

    Hi there, I would like to know if there are any supplementary or beginner's guide to refresh maths for someone who hasnt been studying for 2 yrs before diving into the FRM materials. For instance, the logarithms, differentiation etc. Are there any good books without professor language so i...