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  1. C

    FRM Part 1 November 2020 HK/NYC Study Group

    Hello candidates, I just signed up for the November FRM Part 1 and using Kaplan Schweser. Is there anyone here from Hong Kong or New York City that wants to make a study group? from HK or from NYC or able to speak cantonese (廣東話) If you are interested, please post your email or message it to...
  2. K

    Any FRM L2 Takers from Australia

    Hey Guys, Are there any FRM L2 exam takers from Australia. Creating a Whatsapp group, so that we can help each other out!
  3. DheerajAgarwal

    Nov 2017 FRM Part 1, NOVA region,

    Hi, I am targeting part 1 in Nov 2017 and wondering if there are folks in an around the loudoun / fairfax county area interested in forming a virtual / in person study group. Also open to folks in and around NOVA / DMV area in general. Drj
  4. kevolution

    Houston: November 2016 FRM Part 1 Study Group

    Anybody in Houston planning on taking the exam in November? If there's enough people I was thinking we could create a once a week meetup or something to go over topics and questions. I live in Sugar Land but frequently commute down inside the loop in Upper Kirby/Montrose area for work.
  5. M

    London: May 2016 FRM Part 1 Study Group

    Hi All, In case you are interested in forming a study group for May 16 part 1 exam, feel free to text me on 07539839966. Best regards, Hetty.
  6. F

    Study Groups (Older thread for reference)

    Does anyone know of a study group in the New York City area or even better in Jersey City