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  1. A

    [P2T8: Ang, Chapter 10: Alpha] : Conceptual Clarity on Formula of Alpha

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM , I am very sorry that I am disturbing you as of this crucial moment. However reading more about the formula of Alpha has confused me to greater lengths than it should have. Hence I wanted a conceptual clarity on the formula of Alpha. 1. Now as I understand it we...
  2. N

    FAQ Before Exam Using 2018 materials for 2019 exam

    I have 2018 textbooks for part 1 but didn't manage to attempt it. Hope there won't be many changes to them. If I understand correctly we will find out on Dember the 1st. Should be fine, right?
  3. kevolution

    Personal Study Guide / Workplan for FRM Part 2

    Hi guys, I spent a lot of time creating a detailed spreadsheet to help prepare for the November 2018 FRM Part 2 Exam. It gives you a visual representation of how well you're doing on your studies and also has every Learning Objective listed and you can mark it as done when you finish each one...
  4. Nicole Seaman

    FAQ Before Exam Getting Started With Your Purchased Materials

    You've purchased a study package, so now where do you start!? Our team is here to help you every step of the way! We are very excited to welcome you to the Bionic Turtle community, and we look forward to helping you master financial risk! Before you get started, please visit our Frequently...
  5. csawai

    FAQ Before Exam Should I sit for both parts on the same day?

    Hello all, I am planning to appear for FRM exam in May 2015 for both parts. My background is MBA in IT and I work in software company as a BA. I have no math background, but fair understanding of calculations. I have downloaded, 1) AIM statement 2) Study guide 3) Some ebooks (HULL) My...
  6. T

    Readings - should I plan to read everything

    I am sure somebody asked this before. Just register for Nov part one. I only have less than 3 month and I don't think I have time to read everything. But I am afraid I may miss something. Looking at AIM statement, each reading is assigned many points that may potentially test subject. I also...