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  1. V

    What should be the order of reading books for FRM level 1 ?

    Please help me with the order.
  2. Nicole Seaman

    FAQ Before Exam Study Plan Guide

    It would be very helpful to all of the new FRM candidates if they had some guidance on creating a study plan that will work for them. Many of you have already passed one or both parts of the FRM exam, and it would be great if you could post your study plan here in this thread to help those new...
  3. V

    FAQ Before Exam GARP Weekly Topics

    Hi David, I just received an email from GARP advising that for the next 15 weeks, GARP will be highlighting topics that will appear on the exam part 1 to help me pace through the exam materials ( i.e: Foundation of Risk Management : Michael Crouhy, Dan Galai : Essential of Risk Management Page...
  4. brunnim

    FAQ Before Exam FRM exam and study summary

    Overview and Caveats While the FRM exams are still fresh in my mind I wanted to put some words together which summarizes my experience and hopefully provides some color to future candidates. Each candidate will study and experience the program in a different way, so this is by no means an...
  5. F

    FAQ Before Exam FRM Part 2 Study Strategies

    Many people on this forum have asked those who passed the FRM exams to share their tips and strategies. I had many strategies, as can be seen from this long post, but I did not feel comfortable giving advice when I myself had not passed the exam (was awaiting results). I passed FRM Part 2...
  6. A

    Do I have enough time ?

    Hi David, I'm suppose to do FRM1 in May2013. I'm not a quant person, but I can study between 350 hours to 400 hours in 2 months. Do you think it feasible or should I try the november2013 exam. Thank you :)
  7. M

    FRM crash course advice

    Hi David I’m really keen on making an attempt at the FRM exams. I’ve only just received my Schweser reading material and ordered yours as well. Is there enough time to read, assimilate and master both sets of material as well as the GARP readings (the unchanged readings from 2006)? If...