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    Can you please explain how Risk management increase firm value Information asymmetry

    Hi, in the case of information asymmetry, If the managers know more information than the outsiders , why is it costly for management to raise funds? How is it going to reduce the cost by involving an outside large shareholder in the board ? Can you pls eloborate a bit.
  2. S

    Interest rates (Stultz)

    Hi David, In the credit spread calculation it's mentioned that an increase in interest rates will increase the value of firm and decreases the credit spread however in the unanticipated change in interest rate section, it's mentioned that an increase in interest rate reduces the value of debt...
  3. I

    Effect of time to maturity on sub bonds

    seems from the graph like the value actually increases then decreases, I am guessing it is due to the PV effect overwhelming the optionality. How should we interpret it? Thanks.
  4. David Harper CFA FRM

    FRM reading Stulz' Chapter 18: Credit Risks and Credit Derivatives 2017-03-20

    Chapter 18. Credit Risks and Credit Derivatives [CR–5] Using the Merton model, calculate the value of a firm’s debt and equity and the volatility of firm value. Explain the relationship between credit spreads, time to maturity, and interest rates. Explain the differences between valuing senior...
  5. B

    Stulz Ch 18 - Total Return Swap

    Hi all, Can someone explain why the bank gets paid whether or not the bank defaults or not? They receive $20 million, which is the difference between the value at maturity and the value of the debt at t=0. If the debt defaults, they get $30 million which is the difference betweeen the value...
  6. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T1.600. Optimal bank risk (Stulz)

    Learning objectives: Assess methods that banks can use to determine their optimal level of risk exposure, and explain how the optimal level of risk can differ across banks. Describe implications for a bank if it takes too little or too much risk compared to its optimal level. Questions: 600.1...