2009 FRM Examination related Doubts

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    Hi David,

    Can you kindly clarify on these points

    1)Do all the candidates get the same question paper or there are different sets of questions papers and to avoid cheating different students get different sets of question paper.
    2) Do we have to use pencil only while attempting the questions
    3) Do we get extra blank sheets where we can do workings to arrive at answers?

    Also do you have any thread where such kind of actual exam related doubts are been discussed/clarified.

    Thanks & Best Rgds
  2. Hi Amit,

    I don't know the answers however: next week, we can ask our GARP liason and I'm confident he can supply answers (i.e., can i assume these are not on GARP's site already?)...

    Re: "do you have any thread where such kind of actual exam related doubts are been discussed/clarified." I did not, but I moved this post to the About FRM forum and made it STICKY (floats to top), so your post (this post) can signify the start of such a thread.
  3. Amit,

    GARP just replied:

    1. In order to ensure that there is no cheating and copying from another candidates paper, we do have various procedures in place to warrant that does not happen on testing day.

    3. Candidates are only allowed to use pencils (#2) or a mechanical pencil (soft lead). Pens are not allowed.

    4. Within the exam booklet, at the end, there are blank pages that candidates can use for scrap paper. Please note, that all of the materials, including examination booklet are returned to GARP.
  4. notjusttp

    notjusttp New Member

    Hi David,

    Thanks a ton for your reply..this helped a lot..Cheers..Amit

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