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2010 Live Webinar Review (Quantitative Introduction): Saturday July 10

Suzanne Evans

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David is going to conduct our 2010 FRM Quantitative Introduction review webinar on Saturday July 10th at 9 AM U.S. EST.

Please note: this webinar is an basic introduction to quantitative methods. The target audience is the FRM candidate who is either (i) without a quantitative background or (ii) in need of a basic refresher and is looking for a “jump start” on the quantitative foundation. If you are already skilled in quant methods, this webinar is probably too basic for you. For example, we will be reviewing discounting to present value (PV).

Here is the AGENDA:

* Compound frequencies (discrete, continuous)
* Distribution moments
* First derivative
* Regression coefficient
* Volatility
* Sample questions

Here is a preview draft


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You MUST be a paid member in order to access the live webinar. If you are not , please do not register as your registration will be denied. For those of you who are unable to attend, don’t worry! The webinar will be recorded and published to the premium section ASAP.

Go here to register.

Please be sure to register for the webinar with the same email that you use for bionicturtle.com!

We are allocating 2+ hours (similar to the webinars that were conducted in early 2010). Because the FRM has so much material, of course everything cannot be covered. Rather, David is going to share his view of the most critical ideas. So this webinar is merely a supplement to your regular plan. Please do not defer/delay your study plan in favor of this review; it can only give you a small “boost.” His goal is to keep you on track.

Finally, perhaps you have identified a difficult question? If you have a particular issue or question that you’d like us to cover, please let us know in the forum thread or email Suzanne.