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  1. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    It's that time of the year again. It's time to begin preparing for the 2012 FRM Exam. We've populated our expected publish schedule for all of the 2012 contents. Below you will find the 2012 bionicturtle.com calendar. All contents are planned to be published on time, however due to unforeseen circumstances dates are subject to change.​

    As a reminder, we recommend that you utilize the premium study planner while you are preparing for the exam. If you have any questions during your studies or need clarification, please utilize our forum where David provides daily support.

    Along with the contents in the calendar below, David writes fresh high-quality annotated practice questions daily through the work week.

    This is a target calendar only: each FRM topic is broken-up into several videos. Typically we start the deployment sequence, with respect to a topic (T1, T2, ...), before the target date but finish up to a few days later.

    Good luck in your studies!

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  2. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Hi Suzanne,
    I can't make out when the mock exams will be ready.
    Would you point them out please.

    p.s. I wish you didn't use black for the exam day indicator :) it aggravates our sense of apprehension. On purpose, perhaps? :)
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  3. Ankur S

    Ankur S Member

    Thanks Suzanne. This definitely helps to visualize the road ahead. I am a Part 2 candidate and i have started with 2011 part 2 materials already. I have the notes and videos which i am already going through while i wait for 2012 literature to be released.

    Is it possible for you to post pdf of 2011 part 2 practice questions that are already on the forum, so that i can take a look when i am not at computer?
    I ask because during part 1 studies pdf of practice question was of immense help to me.

    Also pls let me know if they are already somewhere and i have just missed them on this forum.

    Many thanks!
  4. shyamli

    shyamli New Member

    when will the 2012 notes be available?
  5. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Hend,

    The mock exams are to be determined. We used to use red but it was too bold for me. No reason in particular on using the black.

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  6. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Ankur,

    We already have Part 2 practice questions published in pdf documents. You can find them in the study planner or under the how-to section. They are titled by readings.

    If you have any problems finding them with those links, please let me know!

  7. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Shyamli,

    Please look under the two columns titled Notes P1 (green column) and Notes P2 (orange column) and match them to the dates on the left hand side that are highlighted in their colors.

  8. ibrahim-1987

    ibrahim-1987 Active Member

    hi suz,
    what is meant by TBD, under mock exam?
    is there mock exams?
  9. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Hi Ibrahim,
    It means "To BE Determined", like in Suzanne's reply #5 above.

    And yes, :) there will be mock exams this cycle. David promised to work on it last cycle.

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  10. ibrahim-1987

    ibrahim-1987 Active Member

    thank y hend :D
  11. ibrahim-1987

    ibrahim-1987 Active Member

    I'm searching for T.5 2012, but I find nothing!!! Can anybody give me the link, I found T.1 2012, but there market risk is not there
  12. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Yo BT lovelies, :)
    Just downloaded the T.5 notes, ready to print and beat

    Thanks a zillion
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  13. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Go to How-to, then filter product for FRM P2, then choose Study notes. It's there :

  14. Hello Suzane,
    I am new to BT.I have purchased the course for 2012 exam.However , i am confused regarding using of the materials.I am not able to understand which file should i download .
    For e.g.,
    1]Like in pratice questions, there are more than one file for the same book and chapter but the year is different.T2.Hull Chapter 21,16 Jan 2011 & T2.Hull Chapter 21,15 Jan 2010.
    2]Also can u clear what do the abbreviations like T2.a and T2.b mean.Like, T2.a Gujarati Chapters 1-8 Jan 2010. & T2 Gujarati Chapters 1-8 2010.

    Hence, which one should i download and use.I am very confused.Similarly about books and videos.
    Please help.
  15. ibrahim-1987

    ibrahim-1987 Active Member

    thank y hend
  16. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi Ankit,

    1) Both of those documents should be different practice questions. David writes fresh practice questions, so its always possible there could be multiple documents on the same reading. I opened both documents and the 2010 document is questions directly from the reading with some additions from David. The 2011 document are questions that David created himself.
    2) See this forum entry.

  17. shyamli

    shyamli New Member

    is p1.t2 published?
  18. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    Not quite, I am currently performing the final edits, we will publish it later today
  19. Ludwma

    Ludwma Member Subscriber

    Hi David,

    I'm not able to find out the material. Did you publish it?


  20. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

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