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2013 FRM topics and assigned readings are now published


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GARP just published FRM preparation handbook, candidate guide and exam study guides for 2013.


(For P1, there were a quite a bit of changes for T1. and for T2, and basic prob & stats contents are the same but assigned readings are replaced... AGAIN. :eek:)

The core readings for both parts are not available till mid Dec (P1) and early Jan (P2) though - We are heading to holiday season but it is advantageous to study continuously (using excellent BT products).. Hope I am not the only one.


Suzanne Evans

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Unfortunately, we have not received the contents from GARP yet. I believe we will be sent the contents next week sometime at that point we will begin to prep 2013 :)

In the meantime, I've download the Study Guide and Handbook.

We will report back as soon as we've received and had a chance to analyze the changes.



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Hi Suzanne,

Given that GARP has already published the study guide for 2013 FRM, and that the FRM I books are ready for sale, do you have an estimate on when the 2013 materials will be ready here?




I could not find the FRM 1 books available for sale through GARP. It still says available mid december but no link to purchase. Can you post a link to where the 2013 FRM 1 books are available for sale?


Has anyone attempted to take the FRM by purely going through David's study notes, question bank and videos and using internet resources for understanding different concepts? Is it worth it to purchase the GARP assigned reading material for another $250?

btw, thanks for the link above David.


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I had P1 exam in last month and I used BT P1 tier 1 product + P1 core reading package from GARP. I think it is worth to purchase the core readings from GARP unless you already have several assigned books - in my opinion the core readings are ESSENTIAL to have a solid understanding of risk management in general.

I am waiting for the GARP assigned reading material for P2... However, I was not so patient and ended up purchasing BT P2 tier 3(!) product + Jorion's VaR book for the head start.

Hi David,

If I already have the core readings from Nov-2012 Part II exam, is it necessary to buy the new core readings for May-2013 exam?

Thanks a lot.